Tips for Surviving a Home Remodel

Home remodeling is the process of renovating your home. These can be projects made to upgrade home interior and exterior either for comfort or additional space. With that said, home remodeling will trigger a lot of things including allergies, and dry cough. Demolition and sanding can also cause airborne dust. These can be difficult to control. If you are planning to reside in your home during the remodel, you have to prepare for what you can’t tolerate. Here are a few tips to help you survive your home remodel.

Pack Your Item like you are Relocating 

Ensure your house is clean before the remodel starts. Get rid of all items apart from the ones you would like to keep. Wrap your belongings in storage boxes because if remodeling dust is deposited on them, they are difficult to clean.

Create a Zone

During the remodel, you should stay away from the construction area. This is because a railing is not there anymore. Therefore, you can fall accidentally. For your safety, ensure that the work area is blocked off. That is why you need to create a zone. And this can be achieved by building a plywood wall. You should also advocate for a separate entrance to prevent home remodeling Minneapolis from crossing paths with residents.

Zip the Walls

Because the workers must walk in and out of the remodeling area during construction, a zipper on the entryway is better than a tape. The team should attach plastic sheets to the painter poles followed by mounting a zipper at the opening. This creates an entrance and exit. Also, the crew can enter the site easily through the zipper entrance. Every time you visit the construction site, you should be supplied with a mask.

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Have a Temporary Kitchen 

When remodeling a kitchen from scratch, it is crucial to set up a transitory kitchen within the compound. This can be done in the den, garage, or the living room. You can set up a table and have your microwave, toaster, and coffee maker on it.

Spray the Dust! 

Immediately the sawdust has been contained; it should be put into buckets. When transferring these buckets to a trash truck, dust can stick everywhere in the house. It can also be blown around in the air outside thereby getting on everything including cars. Take careful steps to contain dust through fine mint spray pump.

Broom Sweep Clean

Every day, when closing down, ensure that the rooms are clean. Also, they should be cleaned after work. Advise the remodeling contractors to use sawdust and ZEP’s HD Sweeper. This sweeper stops dust particles from flying while sweeping.



Through the longevity of your renovation, you will make minuscule decisions. Of course, they will contribute to the development of your dream house. Do not blow them off. To ensure that you are safe from allergies and infection from dust, apply the following tips in your home remodeling project because they will save the day.