The Special Appeal of Wooden Cedar Fencing

Let’s face it, wooden fencing isn’t necessarily the world’s strongest. Your average wooden fence is not designed to keep out a serious intruder, although it certainly isn’t impossible for a wood fence to do so. Most wooden fences are designed for looks, or to keep livestock in their place.

But a chain-link fence will never have the same charm that an old style wooden fence does. There is definitely something special about driving through the country and seeing miles and miles of white wooden fences. Something about it just feels so homey and traditional that it makes you want to get out and milk a cow. A chain-link fence, by contrast, makes people think of a city setting, and of all the problems that blight the urban landscape. For some, it may even bring back memories of incarceration or flight from danger.

So before I go any further into the details of why I love Red Cedar wood as a fence material, I want to mention that this is not the option for those who need a high level of security. If you own a bank or a junkyard, and you need to keep intruders out, this is not the option for you. While a well-made wooden fence can help to control access to a given area, it isn’t going to stop a determined criminal.

Have you ever been walking through the woods and found a freshly felled red cedar tree? If you have, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that the smell of it is truly intoxicating. The aromatic nature of this wood is one of the reasons that its oil is often extracted for use in various products ( Apart from the smell, the nice red color makes this a highly attractive choice. here is a site that gives you a rough idea of the costs and benefits of this unique wood:

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If you need cedar wood fence repair Seattle WA has an excellent company in town that does some of the most long-lasting work I’ve seen. They have a special method of setting posts that provides a longer lifespan than standard concrete setting. Usually, the standard method is to just dig a hole, put the post in, and add concrete to the hole. this company’s method involves the use of short metal rods to affix the posts more firmly to the concrete. Without these, most fenceposts have to be re-set every five to ten years. This method is one to ask for when seeking out a fence repair company.

Perhaps the best place to use red cedar wood fencing is a luxury environment. If you are running a business that deals in luxury services, that means you are dealing with people who don’t mind to pay for the little extras. Appearance counts for a lot in hotels, resorts, and other tourist/luxury attractions. This is where you can put a nice little splash of color out there instead of a dull gray hunk of wire-mesh. The pleasant smell and rich red tones can be just the thing to provide a luxurious yet rustic atmosphere.