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Different Types of Window Blinds

Window blinds are not recent inventions as most people would think. This is misguided information. Window blinds have been in play for a very long time. From ancient Rome to China and all around the globe. Nevertheless, the reasons for putting blinds in windows differed from one party to the other. Today, it is the same case as one person’s use for window blinds is different from the other.

Window blinds not only offer shade, but privacy as well. They can be translucent or opaque, but never colorless. If one needs to separate from the outside, they just pull the blinds down and get their peace. The room temperature can also be varied by the window blinds. This is done by adjusting the blinds such that the air inflow and outflow is controlled.

The rooms that have blinds installed have a sense of beauty. The owner has to choose a color and design that will fit the room perfectly for the many varieties that are there. Their color and style add a pleasant flavor to the room. Just by installing window blinds, These blinds also offer protection from outside elements like wind, dust, sunlight, insects, and so much more.

There are different types of window blinds, each with its own origin. Each blind is unique in its design. Take for example blinds that have easily folded material or fabrics that are controlled using chains or preloaded springs. These window blinds go by the name Roller Blinds Instead of them having slats, they are fitted with a lightweight aluminum cylinder. It makes the material to wrap up when the blinds are raised.

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The next category consist of the Vertical Blinds. Their slats hang from top to bottom, just as the name suggests. The material for making the slats varies. Vertical Blinds are perfect for fitting sliding doors and large windows.

There are blinds which when pulled stack into neatly placed horizontal pleats. Fabrics are used to manufacture these blinds. Such blinds keep the room temperature warm once they are in place. These are therefore more suitable in those cold areas or during the cold season. These go by the title, Roman Blinds.

There are window blinds without fabrics but have horizontal slats. These slats can be rotated and in turn permitting light to pass through. They are known as the Venetian blinds. The best thing about this blinds is that light entering the room can be easily regulated.

There are blinds that can fit well in either the windows or open space. These can be installed in huge rooms so that if need arises, they can act as separators of big spaces. Panel Blinds fit the work description. These blinds are well installed in track system that moves horizontally. Similar to the vertical blinds, the fabric can move on either the left or right side by the aid of a folding panel.

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