The Art of ‘Window’ Shopping

When growing up, I was always perplexed at how my mum would fuss about the windows of our house. She did this every opportunity she got, and at times we would get a scolding whenever our bedroom window would be found dirty or closed during the day. The word stuffy would then follow us around our house as well as how smelly our room had become as a result. Her focus on us would be short-lived as she would remember how our dad had promised to change the windows of our house but managed to gate away by stalling as much as he could (eventually he replaced them) before an argument between them would ensue.

Years later when moving to my own house and having my wife do the same to me finally peaked my curiosity. The search for window installation Lincoln NE took me to our local window dealer to get to understand this obsession between windows and the two most important women in my life. The first thing I learned from them was that windows do not come cheap especially for quality ones and that there is a whole process involved when choosing the single thing that connects your interior to your exterior surroundings. As I came to find out windows are also a significant investment and it is crucial that one chooses the right ones that will compliment your house as well as your needs. When going ‘window shopping’ it is always advised that a person conducts research and put into consideration things to do with return on investment, quality, style and lastly energy efficiency. Men, pay attention because you could be next.
Window styles
When making your selection of window styles different designs have different functions. Casement windows have hinges located either on the right or the left. It is so to give the glass panes the movement to swing out similar to the way doors act. Horizontal movement windows can move left or right and can be lifted out to facilitate easy cleaning.

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Popular materials that are used in the construction of windows include wood, aluminum, vinyl as well as vinyl-clad wood. Vinyl is common due to its affordable price tag as well as low maintenance qualities. Durability is good as it is excellent in moisture resistance. Whereas aluminum is quite sturdy, has little to no maintenance and pocket-friendly. The downside is that it is an excellent conductor of either cold or heat. Wood is most expensive but aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, it insulates quite well but may at times contract or expand with different weather conditions. On the other hand, Vinyl wood gives us the best of both worlds as we benefit from the beauty of wood as well as the low maintenance cost that is associated with vinyl being the exterior.
When it comes to color, they explained that the curb appeal would be the most significant factor. There is no shortage of colors, but it is essential that the one you choose complement the rest of the house as well a makes it look appealing. Interior windows according to them have to blend with the décor.

Return on investment

Considering that the windows you decide on will impact the overall value of your house, it is essential that you invest in good quality windows and ones that are energy efficient and have a good warranty. So, conduct thorough research, spend within your budget and make a wise decision on which windows you purchase.

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