Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

We are a certified garage door opener repair Saint Louis MO company with the skills and ability to perform major and minor repairs to your garage door. Today, most people with a home, also have a garage attached. The garage is a welcomed addition to the home and is a place that the family might store their vehicles or other important items. Therefore, the area is prone to a lot of usage over the course of the year. Sooner or later, the garage door is going to malfunction and require a repair. Here are a few typical signs that the door to your garage requires repair.

Garage Door Does Not Respond to Remote

One problem that constantly happens to the homeowner is noticing that their garage door responds very slowly to the remote control or does not respond to the remote control at all after several attempts. This is a sign that something is malfunctioning within the system. However, it might not require a repair. First, add fresh batteries to the remote and try again. If the door still does not respond, the cause is probably a faulty remote or a problem with the door that might require a repair.

Garage Door Sags

A garage door sagging is something that many home-owners constantly complain about. Some might attempt to fix the problem. This is a repair that should be left to the professionals. Sagging is a sign that the garage door requires balancing because it is out of alignment. The garage professionals have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to complete this repair quickly and safely.

The Garage Door Is Damaged

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Damages happen to garage doors all the time. This might be due to an unforeseen accident or kids playing around in the garage. Of course, the damage to the garage door is very unattractive and interferes with the entire garage door system, causing problems that might include interfering with the door’s alignment or balance. A damaged door is also a hazard to people. The door might easily fall off the tracks and cause injuries.

Garage Door Making Noise

Of course, garage doors are going to make some noise. Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the door seems to be getting louder and louder. This is a sign that something is definitely wrong with the garage door. This is an issue that should be addressed immediately before the problem escalates. A noisy garage door is a sign that the springs might require lubrication or that something is wrong with the springs in the door. Contact a garage specialist immediately for consultation.

Higher Energy Bills

Surprisingly, doors that malfunction might dramatically affect your energy bill. Take a look at your latest energy bill. Is it higher than usual? The average homeowner is really surprised to learn that a malfunctioning garage door is responsible for their higher energy bill. Malfunctioning doors are not energy efficient and should be repaired immediately.

Are you having major problems with your garage door? Don’t attempt the repairs. Instead, contact a professional for quick, efficient, and safe repairs.