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Habitat And Linear Restoration: An Awareness

The ecosystem, with all the natural resources, is a gift for everyone to value and care for. Every kind of species from animals to plants are unique from each other and each has its own distinct function.

The kind of habitats all over the world are undoubtedly brilliant and unique in its own way. Everything was then plenteous, and full of life, and free from danger.

Many habitations are not reached by people and they grow untouched. And then human inhabited and some even abused the habitation.

The continued use and penetration of human to ecologically significant land areas for other means like agriculture, infrastructure, irrigation, mining, and settlements started to destroy the natural habitation. Extensive expansion of man-made infrastructure, agriculture, and other projects had disturbed the habitation.

Thus leading to loss of the many species that leads to extinction. This problem posed a threat and is happening all over the world. Local species that dwell in these areas are forced to move to other places.

Some would capture species inhabitation and sell or trade them for money. Because of the lessening number of these species, then they become endangered.

What can be done to prevent this?

Major programs and activities focused on the restoration of the habitat are in place already. Pieces of training that brings awareness to this endangered habitation are conducted.

Information dissemination and awareness programs are also conducted as well to combat this. Though researchers are still in progress to address this worldwide threat to the habitation.

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The Caribou habitat is just an example of the kind of species where its lineage are becoming extinct and restored is difficult hence more study is conducted. Funding support for this study is greatly needed to sustain a conclusive desire to restore this habitation. The neglect of responsibility from the human race is one great factor that affects this. The inability to understand the importance of preserving habitation is great.

People are more concern in personal gain and profit than preserving for the future. Therefore, as a contributing factor for change, there is a need to increase awareness.

The involvement of everyone is highly recommended either in financial contribution or participating in acting on the cause. Restoring the habitat will have a great impact in the future generations. No matter what programs are there if the human race will not act to support the cause then one day everything will be wiped out.

One persons’ help at a time can become plenty and essential when put together.

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