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What You Need To Know To Train Your Dog

Owning a dog sounds like fun. But wait until you get to the part where you have to train it. A dog comes with a lot of baggage. You have to feed it, wash it, and always clean after it. Having to train your dog how to behave appropriately and to have good manners at all times is not a walk in the park. Nevertheless, after your dog has integrated all the training, you will be happy to have decided to train him. Furthermore, you get to earn the respect of your dog and the bond you form becomes unbreakable. A dog, after all, is the best friend of man.

The dog’s obedience is the first thing that you should work on. Keep in mind that without obedience, the dog will never follow any of your commands and therefore no training will push through. Create good communication channels. Ensure your dog can understand you absolutely well without any sort of punishment. You therefore need to start slow and with basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. Establish dominance so the dog recognizes you as the head. Once you are sure that the dog obeys you, the rest of the training becomes favorable.

When you are training your dog, you can control all the erratic behaviors that you might have seen in the past. It is common belief that when a dog misbehaves, the owner is to blame. Train your dog on how to behave when in public, on the street, at home, when playing, during meal times, and so on. Undesirable behaviors like growling, chewing, digging, barking to guests, and whining can be eradicated completely. Do not forget to show the dog where to relieve itself.

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Training is of different levels. Take for instance the growth of a small baby from birth until walking, so is the same when training dogs. You have to start with the basic commands and then advance while you are closely monitoring the behavior of the dog.

Experts recommend that dogs start training at an early age. Puppies are more flexible and hence can be trained better in the physically aspect. However, all dogs can be trained on obedience and behavior at any age.

As a trainer, you ought to be patient and persistent. Do not expect that your dog will get everything on the first go.

You need to be rewarding your dog accordingly. This technique ensures that your dog is in check. For example, when the dog does something good, you can give him a treat. Do not offer the dog any reward if it misbehaves and this can act as a punishment. This ensures the dog follows your every command.

Getting To The Point – Dogs

Getting To The Point – Dogs