How to Detect Common Drain Clogging Culprits

A clogged drain system in your home can be an overwhelming nuisance. A blocked drains system becomes the breeding grounds for pathogens and perfect hideouts for diseases- causing germs. Therefore, avoiding blocked drains is a compelling way to certain health and safety in your home. In most cases, drain clog will begin as minor issues, but it can escalate to a disturbing level within no time. As such, here are some of the most common causes of clogged drains that will require drain cleaning minneapolis mn.

Hard water

Hard water has mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium that can damage pipes and cause a blockage. These mineral deposits keep on clutching on the walls of the pipes leading to your draining systems. As these matters accumulate in the sewers, they narrow the pathway for the water to the extent that it becomes impossible for any material to pass through. However, hard water can be converted to soft water using water softeners. The soft water is also good for your body, and it will not bleach your clothes as you wash them.

Soap Buildups

The buildups and scum from shampoos, conditioners, and soaps are also primary culprits for clogged drains. A significant accumulation of accretions will make the draining process much slower, and finally, your draining system will start to pool. If you find out that scum or buildups have clogged your draining system, you can try to pour some warm water containing chlorine to breach down your drain. However, if this does not seem to fix the problem, a hand of a professional plumber can be helpful.

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Paper Products

When it comes to the draining systems, many homeowners think that it is just fine to deposit products like paper towels, hand wipes or even napkins in the drains and flush them. The issue with this move is that most of the drain systems in your home are not equipped to handle such products, and they will undoubtedly clog your drain in the end. The ideal solution to this problem is to ensure that you do not deposit or flush such items down your drain. Similarly, a great rule of the thumb to adhere to is to provide that only the toilet paper that finds its way to your ducts. This way, even if your drain clogs, you can unclog it easily using a pledger. However, if your drain system seems to be clogged but you cannot find the cause of the blockage, hiring a professional plumber will be helpful.

Tree Roots

Plumbing systems in older homes are often bound to tree roots. Tree roots can significantly infiltrate draining pipes and finally cause a clog. Similarly, leaking pipes will possibly attract tree roots. When they finally find their ways into your drain system, they hinder the water flow and clog the entire system in the end. Removing tree roots from a draining system requires poised methods like excavation, trenchless repair or even jet pressure cleaning. This implies that if you have such an issue, it is vital that you seek the right services from the right service provider.