Four Tips for Selling More Houses

Working in real estate can be a tough thing. The market is saturated by people trying to make the most money for the least work possible and there are countless buyers who thinking watching TV shows about real estate makes them an expert. You have got your work cut out for you. But there is hope. If you want to make more sales, follow these four tips!

#1 Update your Social Media

With the world continuing to revolve around the internet, you need to ditch the old phonebook ads. If you want to make sales, you need to be online in a meaningful way. You should move before the traditional business website; you need to differentiate and show off your work.

Market yourself on social media. It gives exposure to potential customers. But more importantly, it lets them get a look at who you are. As a real estate agent, you are selling yourself as much as you are selling homes. If you are annoying, unprofessional, and off-putting, you can anticipate potential clients going elsewhere.

#2 Attend Open Houses

Like any industry, you need to know what the competition is doing. You should attend as many open houses as possible to do market research. You can start an online search for any astoria or real estate. You should inspect how they run the open house, what goodies they are marketing to get people in the door, and how the present the home. All of these should be important in the way you do business. If you see someone doing something that you like, you can adopt it. If you see someone doing something that is not quite working, then you know to avoid that.

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#3 Know the Area

Nothing makes a client want to avoid you than you not knowing the area. Before every showing, be sure to research the neighborhood in depth. You should know more than the market value of homes in the area, you should know access to good schools, distance from downtown, and potential noise concerns that could be present in the area. Knowledge of parks and amenities is good to know too! Since real estate is all about “location, location, location,” you should know everything about the location!

#4 Know Something about Construction

Knowing a little bit about building and renovating a home can really seal the deal. It allows you the opportunity to sell a potentially undesirable house. Clients may see a fixer-upper and be hesitant to purchase it. If you can tell them what is really going on, then you could close more deals. Point out that while the carpeted floors are a bit dated, they could easily put in hardwood floors for $9-$18 per square foot. It will help them envision the changes that can be done and help them overcome their doubts.

Additionally, it builds trust. If you can get a client a quote on exchanging those pesky cabinets, they are more likely to trust your advice on the valuation of the home. After all, somebody who knows how much a renovation will cost must know something about the market value for a house!

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