Five Ways to Make Your Next Move Less Stressful

Moving is a stressful process under the best of circumstances. In addition to all the disruption and upheaval of moving, there is often the added challenge of saying goodbye to close family and friends and heading off into the unknown to try and make new friends. There are, however, a number of ways to minimize the stress of moving to make it as painless as possible. Here are 4 ways to minimize the stress of your next move.

1. Plan as far in advance as possible

While unexpected moves can always happen, the more you start planning in advance for a move, the smoother things are likely to go. Starting early will give you an opportunity to explore a wide range of options and get estimates to see what the best moving solution is for you. It also gives you time to downsize and really plan out what you do and don’t want to take with you.

2. Downsize

The fewer things you have to take with you, the easier moving will be. Remember that everything you move costs you money. Sometimes it is not only less stressful but actually¬†cheaper¬†to simply get rid of things in your current location and replace what you need in your new location. You may even find you don’t need as much in your new location, which will help you even more next time you need to move.

3. Get help

No matter how small or large your home is, trying to move it all yourself is a monumental task. The best solution is to hire a reputable moving company to do everything for you. From packing and unpacking to setting everything up in your new home, if you have the resources, you can have someone else do almost everything for you. If you need a more economical option, however, you can pack everything yourself and just hire someone to help you load and unload the truck. The more work you can afford to hire out to others, however, the less stressful moving will be.

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4. Stay organized

Staying organized is critical for making a move go smoothly. Here are some tips to help you stay organized during your move.

  • Color code boxes with colored packing tape. If you use movers or even just helpers to unload, they can quickly and easily keep boxes sorted by color. Otherwise, you can quickly and easily sort them into the right rooms yourself.
  • Inventory every box. It will take more time up front, but help you know what to unpack first when you arrive
  • Pack all the items you will need first in clear plastic tubs. Not only can you find them quickly, but you can often see exactly what you need.
  • Use clothing, sheets, linens and towels as packing materials. Not only will this cut down on the number of boxes you need to move, but it saves on expenses and even creates less waste once you arrive in your new home.