Five Benefits of Industrial Recycling

The term ‘going green’ has become a mainstay of conversations at home, schools, workplaces, online and mainstream media. Debating on ways to save the planet from further degradation is a fashionable topic that is not likely to relent any time soon. Just recently, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) published a groundbreaking report that estimated the carbon footprint of 13,000 cities. The study derived that population and affluence directly correlate to the rates of carbon emissions and this can be solved by implementing radical decarburization measures. Chicago ranked number 8 which is not shocking at all considering how bustling the city is with development. Here are five major benefits of industrial recycling for cities like Chicago:

Conserving Energy and Resources

The overarching goal of recycling is to reduce the pressure on natural resources that are depleting at an alarming rate. The construction industry is notorious for demanding too many precious resources and producing vast amounts of waste that pollutes the environment. Recycling industrial waste curbs, the need for fresh raw materials thereby reducing the need for waste landfills.

Sustainability Goals

Considering the acute numbers of greenhouse gas emissions, there is a need for industrial manufacturers to explore ways of ensuring sustainability. By doing so, these companies can shed off the stigma of being environmentally-unfriendly that has plagued them for decades. Automobile manufacturers like GM and Toyota are leading the pack by exploring linear disposal methods like injection wells and incineration. Subsequently, these efforts augment customers’ perception of their greenness.

Promote Safety

It is important to remove debris and waste from a construction or demolition site as soon as possible for safety. Failure to do so would expose workers and site visitors to unnecessary harm and injury that could lead to fatalities and attract lawsuits. For cities like Chicago where construction and demolitions are the order of the day, it is prudent to enlist construction cleanup in Chicago IL to do the job for you.

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Improving Aesthetics

Downtown or uptown areas that are booming with construction have become synonymous with heaps of industrial waste that is degrading the environment. These waste outputs have become an eyesore that city residents must put up with for the duration of construction projects. Construction and demolition clean up go a long way in enhancing aesthetics even as the construction boom soldiers on.

Employment Opportunities

Recycling industrial waste entails a series of processes from gathering, transporting, sorting, to processing and reselling. This task present job opportunities in the recycling industry that is nascent at this point. Researchers project that if the United States can increase its recycling rates, there will be more than one million jobs up for grabs. Considering that unemployment is still a major issue, promoting recycling and reuse is not a bad idea after all.

With or without knowing the scientific rationale for recycling, it is imperative that all citizens strive to contribute to saving the planet. As construction industry continues to grow apace, state and federal governments must collaborate in ensuring that industrial waste is handled properly and converted to useful byproducts.