Drain Clog Facts, Myths and General Information

Homeowners deal with problems from time to time, but one of the most annoying of them is clogged pipes. This problem can be as simple as stuff built up in a drain or sink trap to something more serious. The problem is that a clog in pipes is often difficult to tell where it is located including the pipe that goes outside of the house. Clogs are one of the things most homeowners know little about other than using a solution for clearing clogs or using a plunger both of which may not actually work to combat the stopped drains.

When the clog becomes more than what a plunger can handle or drain unclogging solutions it is time to have a professional take care of the clog. The drain cleaning cincinnati oh professionals have tools available that can reach the obstruction safely since damage can be done to pipes, especially if the clog is in the pipes going out of the home. It is also a wise idea to limit the amount of drain unclogging solutions as possible since repeated use of this kind of thing may cause damage over time to the pipes.

Facts and Myths

There are some facts and myths about drain and pipe problems and many of the reasons for these clogs rather than happening naturally because of stuff built up in the drain.

  • These are things that generally end up in a toilet like toys and other things that should not be flushed. Also putting grease and other items that will solidify in the kitchen drain will result in a clog.
  • The claim that eggshells help to keep a garbage disposal clean is false since they have a membrane layer that can become wrapped around the shredder ring and may result in damage and the shells once ground up could cause the drain to clog because it is a substance that does not dissolve.
  • Do not let dental floss go down the drain because it is not biodegradable. It can get caught in the drain and then trap other things like soap or even possibly hair that might get past the screen. This may then result in a clog far enough down in the drain that a plunger may not be able to break.Sewer Line Clogs

    This is a major type of clog that will take a professional to clear this pipe since it is generally a large pipe outside of the home connected to a large pipe exiting the house that carries all the drain water including toilets.

    Preventive Maintenance

    • In sinks and tubs always use a drain screen to keep hair, food particles in sinks without a garbage disposal and other debris from going down the drains.

  • Use of baking soda and vinegarto clean drains will work and help keep things clean when done weekly or monthly without hurting the pipes.
  • Boiled water or hot tap water should be let run down drains occasionally since it can help keep drains free of substances that may otherwise build up in the pipe and result in a clog. This is especially important since soap; dish soap and shampoo can help this process if left sitting in drains.
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