Does Your Garage Door Require Professional Repair?

If you live in Frisco, Texas, and need a garage door replacement or repair don’t hesitate to contact a garage doors Frisco TX company for more information and education on garage doors. Garage doors are a very important part of the housing unit. Generally, garage doors are attached to the home. A faulty garage door interferes with the safety and the comfort of the family. Generally, if a problem occurs with the doors, the homeowner might try to repair the door. Minor repairs like installing batteries in the remote are alright but call in the professionals for more complicated repairs. Here are signs your garage door requires repair.

Door Refuses To Open

garage door that does not open is a common problem with many homeowners. Generally, the door only requires a few minor adjustments to get it up and operating properly. The most common reasons for the door refusing to move include an object is blocking the sensor. Make sure that there are no objects in direct line with the sensors. The other obvious reason is that the remote requires a fresh battery. Check the battery or install fresh batteries and try to open the garage door again.

Noisy Garage Door

Noisy garage doors are more than just inconvenient or a nuisance. Those doors interfere with the safety and the enjoyment of the home. A screeching and grinding garage door is generally an easy fix. The noise might simply be an indication that the door requires lubrication or a thorough cleaning. Lubrication and cleaning should be a part of general garage door maintenance. Try removing the dirt and grime buildup on the door tracts and spraying a lubricating oil on the same area. If the door continues to make noise, call in the professionals for their diagnosis.

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Closing Too Fast

One very dangerous situation occurs because the garage door closes too quickly. A member of the family, friend, or even your vehicle might get caught in the door. Therefore, this is a problem that should be addressed promptly. A garage door closing too fast is due to broken or damaged cables. This is a relatively easy repair for professionals, but difficult for the nonprofessional because they do not have the necessary tools or skills for this repair.

Broken Springs

A broken torsion spring happens to those that are constantly in and out of their garage several times a day. If the door freezes and refuses to move, this might point out a broken spring problem. Garage doors use either a torsion spring system or an extension spring system. Often, the doors refuse to budge and the motor stops because a damaged spring is detected.

Of course, it is vital to make sure that your garage door continues to work efficiently. The key to keeping the garage door working efficiently is through proper and regular garage door maintenance. However, if a problem occurs, don’t hesitate to contact a garage door specialist for repairs or replacement of your garage doors.