Designing a Modern, Bright Space in an Attic

An antic is often the most unused, least decorated part of a home. Often used to store clutter, homeowners never maximize its full potential as an additional space in the house. The attic can be used to add different rooms to the house using bamboo flooring seven hills as the focal point in the space.

Why Use Bamboo Flooring in an Attic Space?

Bamboo is an Eco-friendly flooring alternative to wood and tile. It is created from bamboo stalks which too about seven years to harvest. High quality bamboo is often sturdier and more stable than traditional hardwood. This means the homeowner is less likely to repair or remodel because of floor damage.
Bamboo also has a contemporary, modern appearance. This will create a brighter look to the space than using another type of flooring. Also, mopping with water and mild soap is the easiest way to clean this floor. The advantages to using bamboo means more color options to choose, it is easier to maintain and it’s a beautiful material.

Turn an Attic into a Two Floors with a Cat Walk

If a homeowner wants an additional story in their home, they can lower the second story ceiling. This will make room for a livable attic and create a three-story redesign. The homeowner can have two additional bedrooms with a catwalk space featuring bamboo flooring between them.

Create a Family Room in the Attic

The attic isn’t just for stuff no one wants in their room. It can be for getting the family together to relax, have fun or complete daily tasks like home work. One way to do this is by transforming the dark space into an airier, brighter area. Use natural bamboo flooring to brighten the space. Use light or white paint to add brightness. Also, use reclaimed wood, if possible.

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Add a Dining Space in the Attic

An upstairs converted dining area can add value to a property. To create a bright dining space the length of the home, decide the style such as contemporary or traditional. Leaving the wood beams exposed by be another design option. Use bright or ultra-white paint if the room is too dark. Another option is to add a skylight for addition sun.

Convert the Attic into a Work Space

A bright work space is an option without adding a new room via a total remodel. An artist’s studio, home office or additional workspace can be completed by adding bamboo flooring. It may be necessary tear out a wall to open the space.

Remodel a Home without having to Add Square Footage

A property owner may want to remodel their home for additional space. However, it takes more money and time to add another room to an existing house. Instead, add square footage without having to undergo a major remodel. An attic renovation is a fantastic solution to adding the square feet needed without constructing a new room. There are many flooring options to use, but bamboo may be the best investment.