Avoid DIY Bed Bug Treatment & Call the Pros

A bed bug is a small, reddish-brown pest that has no mercy for those it chooses to make its next meal. As the name suggests, bed bugs oftentimes hide within mattresses and bed frames, attacking their prey when they’re fast asleep. But, the bugs can also hide in other unsuspecting locations, like sofas, tables, and even electrical outlets! The pest feeds on blood, preferably that of a human. It is important to note that a bed bug can survive for up to one-year without a meal, so tracing back their starting location is sometimes impossible.

A Painful Pest

Bed bugs inject a numbing venom into their victim, allowing them enough time to fill their bellies with their blood meal before the itch kicks in and wakes the person. You see, the numbing agent the bed bug injects is one that counteracts in the body and causes itching. But, some people are allergic to the numbing agent, thus causing a terrible reaction that causes swelling across the area where the bite has occurred, pain, itching and sometimes, even worse symptoms.

Whether or not the bite of a bed bug causes an allergic reaction, it is nonetheless one of those pests that you don’t want around any longer than necessary. Not only do bed bugs cause unpleasant odors and serve as an otherwise major nuisance, they also cause mental anguish for many people. Going to sleep isn’t easy when the fear of a pest nearly undetectable to the eye is sharing your space, ready to attack the moment your eyes close.

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Can I DIY?

Ridding the home of a bed bug infestation isn’t easy. The pests do not respond to typical pest treatments and fumigation efforts. Furthermore, many homeowners find the need to replace furniture and other items when serious infestations occur. Although there are DIY bed bug treatments sold at various home improvement stores, it is best to leave them sitting where they’re at and call the pros. Bed bug extermination service Chicago IL puts an end to the pests and provides the assurance of such.

How to Treat Bed Bugs

Several bed bug treatment options exist. When you call an exterminator, they’ll discuss the treatment options with you, and help determine which is best for your needs. It is best to pick up the phone and call an exterminator at the first sign or suspicion of a bed bug problem. Quicker response time alleviates much of the frustration of eliminating the pests and reduces the costs of the service.

Final Thoughts

DIY bed bug treatments may seem like a cost-effective way to get rid of this pest, but don’t waste your time. These bugs are very hard to treat, especially without the help of an exterminator on the job. Scheduling service from a pest control expert provides the solution that you’re looking for after a problem with bed bugs impacts your home. Do not put off this call and endure the headaches of bed bugs in your home a day longer.