An Introduction to Ornamental Dogwood Trees

Trees are life. Not only do they literally provide life by generating oxygen, they also provide shelter and food for all sorts of living things. As such, no yard decoration plan would be complete without some kind of decorative tree. I would like to convince you of the merits of my personal favorite: the flowering dogwood 

First of all, this tree has large-petaled beautiful white and pink flowers that bloom in the spring. Sometimes, this tree can look as if it is covered in white snow when you look at it from a distance. Another great thing is that this tree does not get particularly large. This species reaches a maximum height of about forty feet, but it takes quite a few years to gain such a size. A dogwood tree is not likely to become a serious liability when it eventually dies and rots as all trees do.

These trees tend to have a relatively small base and a wide crown. This means that they take up very little room in your yard while providing a lot of shade. That is a nice advantage, but by far the best thing about these trees is their exceptional durability. They can tolerate a wider range of conditions than most ornamental trees. Flowering dogwoods are tolerant of cold and dry conditions, and a wide variety of soil conditions.

Flowering dogwood trees will attract many creatures. If you are the kind of person who enjoys sitting on your back porch watching birds and other creatures, you will love this tree. Birds of all sorts, including hummingbirds, tend to be attracted to its fragrant flowers. Its small fruits can also be eaten by mammals, such as squirrels and deer.

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On top of all this, dogwood can also be useful. Its wood is very strong and has a very fine grain. For this reason, dogwood has often been used for purposes that require a small piece of sturdy wood. I have often found it useful for fashioning tool handles. The bark also has some medicinal value. The bark can be used to make a tea that has been used for centuries to treat fever and mouth problems. The bark and roots can also be used to obtain a red dye if you so desire.

For a good arborist shelton ct has many options. You should look for the one that is right for you. The last thing you want is to waste your money on an unhealthy tree, or a tree that is not what you wanted. It can be nearly impossible to tell different species of flowering dogwoods apart when they are only saplings. Therefore, you need someone whose reputation you can trust.

Flowering dogwood trees are a great option if you are just looking for a small decorative tree that can brighten up your yard with a little bit of color, while at the same time not becoming a giant that will one day rot and fall through your roof.